Dick Jokes


The Dick Joke
High art... from a low place.

Women fake orgasms to have relationships

Men fake relationships to have orgasms.

What's the best thing about a blow job?

Ten minutes of silence!

What is the smallest hotel in the world?

A pussy, cause you have to leave the bags outside.

A woman is in her doctor's office, when she suddenly shouts out, "Doctor, kiss me". The Doctor looks at her and says that it would be against his code of ethics to kiss her.

About 20 minutes later the woman again shouts out "Doctor, please, kiss me just once". Again he refuses, apologetically, but says that as a doctor he simply cannot kiss her.

Finally another 15 minutes pass, and the woman pleads with the doctor, "Doctor, Doctor, please kiss me just once!!"

"Look" he says, "I'm sorry. I just CANNOT kiss you. In fact, I probably shouldn't even be screwing you either."