#WTF?! Medical workers rushed to the aid of what they thought was a collapsed woman. Nope. Turned out to be a pigeon.

The person who called emergency services said that a “bird collapsed,” LAS Emergency Planning Officer Chris Hawkswell (that’s really his name) said in a tweet.

Since those crazy old Brits sometimes refer to women as “birds,” the dispatcher assumed the call was about a human woman.

Hawskwell noted that the call handler “stayed on the phone giving lifesaving advice until our paramedic arrived, thinking it was a human woman.” The caller also told the dispatcher that the bird was 25 years old.

When senior paramedic Rachel Lack got to the scene, she sad four people were gathered around the ailing pigeon, according to a news release from the London Ambulance Service.

“They were surprised to learn that the ambulance service is for humans not animals,” she said in the news release.

Unfortunately, though staff did attempt to help the pigeon, the bird did not make it. In the news release, Director of Operations Jason Killens advised UK residents to contact the RSPCA about animals in need.

(Story courtesy of the Huffington Post)