#WTF?! Florida cops arrested a Mr. Toot for cocaine possession1]. Kinda like a hooker named blowjob. What a hoot! And the guy has got a rap sheet as long as his nose. And his getaway vehicle? A Schwinn! They don't get much dumber than this guy... check it out!

Neil Toot... the TooterAfter spotting a Mr. Neil Toot bicycling through a stop sign, a sheriff’s deputy sought to pull over the 51-year-old suspect. You gor that... he's fifty-frickin-one and riding a bicycle. And he gets pulled over for running a stop sign. Unbelievable! Toot, however, just kept peddling away and, at one point, “threw something behind him to the right.” That's always a bad move, ditching the goods under cover of bicycle.

After Toot eventually dismounted his ride on a Bradenton street, a patrolman retrieved the tossed item, which turned out to be a plastic baggie containing crack cocaine rocks. Toot, seen left, was arrested[2] on a felony narcotics possession charge. We wonder if they towed his bike to the impound lot.

Toot is being held in the Manatee County jail in lieu of $5000 bond.

A convicted felon, Toot has previously served state prison time for cocaine possession and aggravated child abuse. His rap sheet also includes collars for drunk driving, battery, probation violation, domestic battery, failure to pay child support, and violating a domestic violence protection order.

Jail records do not list an alias or nickname for Toot. Like he needs one....


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